A simple graphics kit installation guaranteed!

Nous utilisons un vinyle spécialement conçu pour faciliter l’installation à sec et facile à repositionner lors de l’installation de votre kit graphique sur votre motoneige.

Nous vous fournissons une mappe détaillée des différents morceaux et des endroits où les apposer. De plus, nous vous fournissons un petit document vous expliquant le mode d’installation de votre nouvel ensemble graphique de motoneige.

Step 1 : Trust yourself and be confident!

Step 2 : Take your time and follow steps by steps;

Step 3 : Take the decals out of the tube and put each sheets on a flat surface for at least 12 hours;

Step 4 : Prepare your snowmobile : clean and dry for a maximum grip;

Step 5 : Study the chart and slowly start cutting the pieces;

Step 6 : Stick each piece with good pressure and heat.

Ben Milot is an icon in motocross freestyle competition and although we specialize in snowmobiles wraps design and installation, we thought about sharing his YouTube video with you. He is explaining how he install his graphic kits. Since the process of his kits on a motocross and on a snowmobile is very similar, here is the lien.

The trick is to take your time and follow step by step.

We also give you the possibility to install your snowmobile graphic kit at our garage. We are situated in Rouyn-Noranda, QC.- 300 boulevard Industriel.

For more information, contact us at 1-819-797-9766 or by email at the following address : info@akzero8.com

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